Yokotachi (横達)


Yokotachi is a variety band consisting of five members studying in Japan. Formed originally by three friends studying in Japan together. The idea for Yokotachi came from a halloween costume idea after the three friends, myself (check bio), Joe Kwak and Chele Yamanoha, stayed up really late playing Super Smash Bros for the Wii U.

After the initial start of Yokotachi, two more members joined the roster.

Acting as lead vocalist is Noemi Datta. I met Noemi during my time at ICU, where we immediately hit it off, and eventually started dating. Noemi requested to join Yokotachi upon learning that the original lead vocalist did not fully want the position.

Acting as secondary vocalist, Sanshin player and sort of mascot is Chele Yamanoha. I met Chele after moving into Global House at ICU. We were pretty comfortable with each other initially, but as time went on, we became closer, eventually giving each other the metaphorical title of sibling (I’m older). Chele prefers to sing along with other people, making her the secondary vocalist.

Acting as lead guitarist, interchangable rhythm guitarist, interchangable drummer, interchangable bassist and back-up vocalist is myself, Mante Baldwin.

Acting as drummer, interchangable bassist and back-up vocals is Joe Kwak. I also met Joe upon moving into Global House. Joe and I eventually met up through music, and ever since we’ve grown as friends.

Acting as rhythm guitarist and screamer is Maksim Mustakallio. Max joined Yokotachi shortly after the initial creation. Max and I don’t really remember how we met, but we seem to have been close since the very beginning.