Study Abroad in Japan: Two Week Mark

Hello fellow bloggers and readers, I have some awesome news for you! I am officially leaving Japan after two weeks! Time to sob until I fade off the planet. Excuse me. (Sobs heavily!) I'm just joking. I've done nothing to get sent back to the US....except be awesome.....No? I-I shouldn't have...okay. I'm sorry. I'll leave … Continue reading Study Abroad in Japan: Two Week Mark


I cannot Swim (泳げない)

Okay, so here is the news. Per the title of this post, I cannot swim. Let me be specific. I cannot stay above the water. I literally sink the minute I get in a pool. Terrible right? That's not the half of it. On the 3rd of August, myself, Brandon Nguyen and Michael Gayman traveled … Continue reading I cannot Swim (泳げない)