Social Media Links

I am all over social media. I have my preferences, and now it’ll be easier to find them. Right on this page. Most of these link to my paypal as well. I will not link that here because it is not (technically) a social media site.


I treat my profile as an extension of my personality as well, just on a more professional level. I don’t completely switch the way it’s formatted, as I am generally one type of person all around, but this is where professional information can be gathered, or connections made.


This is my artist page. My personal page is…well….personal. I focus more on my music with this page, but I will interact with those that interact with me.


I am far more engaged in conversations on twitter, than my artist Facebook. There is a reason for this; my personal twitter is also used for my music and hobbies. Test it for yourself. Tweet me (@mantebmusic). I’ll respond.


What can I say? My insta is a look into my life visually. It’s also set up to show up on the side of this blog, as well as my twitter. But if you don’t/didn’t see that, then it is here.


I’m starting a new thing. I’m using my bandcamp to promote my music. I’m still heavily uploading to Soundcloud, but downloads will only be available from bandcamp. Just to make things a bit simple.


Soundcloud is my OG music source. I’ve been uploading to soundcloud since I first learned how to record music, and actually render music. Recently, I’ve decided to use my soundcloud to direct downloads and traffic to my bandcamp. The downloads are free (mostly), but it seems easier to have them in one place.


YouTube is where all of my hobbies go, and get meshed into one spot. I upload videos of gameplay, music, vlogs, acting, etc. If it’s one of my hobbies, it’ll probably be here. Except my art. There is a special place for that….well two…but one main special place.


I have been using Deviantart for 6 years. I have always drawn pictures, but I didn’t really get into sharing them online until high school. I cannot let this site go. It has a special place in my heart, and on the web…for my art. I also get some of the greatest laptop backgrounds from this site.


This is where I stream all of my games. I prefer this over YouTube. There is no real reason why. It may have something to do with learning about Twitch for live streaming first.


The nexus is one of the most popular places to get mods for any game, whether it be pc, or more recently, Xbox One and PS4. This is where I’ve uploaded my works (which are scarce).