Digital Portfolio

This is all of my work that I am proud to showcase in a digital portfolio. Some you already see around (like the header image), and some are of a more academic nature. Enjoy.

Academic Works

As you may have guessed, I’ve been a student my entire life. This technically means all of my works are academic, or stem from academic learning. The works included here are what I consider to be exceptional works.

CAP 210 Final Plan Book

This plan book was created during my sophomore year at GVSU, in my Fundamentals of Advertising class. This plan book is far from perfect, but at the time, I did not believe I could comprehend elements of advertising, let alone complete a plan book. I learned to properly research pricing, complete secondary and primary research, and tie it all together in a cohesive manner.

CAP 220 Final Plan Book

Like the CAP 210 plan book, this was made during my sophomore year for my Fundamentals of Public Relations class. This plan book also taught me how to successfully complete primary and secondary research from a PR practitioner’s standpoint. This plan book is also far from perfect, but I am proud of what I was able to accomplish with my limited knowledge, especially considering I skipped the precursor classes because they were not prerequisites at the time (meaning I didn’t know how to research).

CAP 295 Theory Application Assignment

This class overall lit the fire that is my interest in theories. Growing up, I always liked talking about the way things ticked, and trying to figure out the why. This class taught me about theories, the why or the way to figure out why behind everything. I am proud of this assignment because it was my first time learning to apply specific theory to anything. The assignment is not my greatest work, but it is an improvement from my sophomore year, in my opinion.

CAP 320 Library Case Review

This case study is by far, one of my best works. I completed this class after taking a year abroad, which broadened my horizon on how to view different campaigns, especially international ones. This campaign was done on the Philippines Tourism Agency, in which I reviewed the case and critiqued it, providing constructive criticism where necessary.

CAP 321 Media Kit

For my Media Relations class, I created a media kit for the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art (UICA). I improved my comprehension of basic PR skills, such as writing traditional news releases, social media releases, and backgrounders to name a few of my works.

Researching and Applying Cultural Values

This paper is one of my more recent works, created for my International Advertising and Public Relations class (CAP 425). In this paper, I review and critique a chapter on values, and how to research and apply them in international Ad & PR. I consider this more filling in the missing links, than actually arguing against the author of the chapter I critiqued.

PS Bilboard 2
PS4 Billboard Ad

This is my PS4 billboard advertisement. Sony generally makes advertisements that speak directly to their target audience, generally using short phrases like Greatness Awaits. Taking that as inspiration, I created the tagline that you see in the billboard ad.

Personal Branding

Writing personal branding here may seem weird, especially since anything of mine is part of my personal brand. I write this here to separate my social life from my artistic life, to some degree. Many of my friends know me as an artist, and my associates as an academic. My academic and personal brands overlap, but this is just to make it more obvious.

Social Media Links

This is a page I made to easily find links to all of my social media platforms.


This image is my current header, and overall social media image. I chose to do it this way initially for a virtual copywriter assignment. After the assignment, I was highly pleased with the image and decided to use it for all of my social media, and gaming aspects. It features my tagline, which tells a lot about me, while keeping it vague.

SC Banner

This is my banner for my soundcloud page (check the social media links page). I crated this to show that I am more than just a musician. Most artist on soundcloud are only viewed as either a rapper, singer, or both. I made this to show others that I am much more than just a simple artist.

Bandcamp Header Edit

This is my bandcamp banner. Like my soundcloud, bandcamp is where my music goes. The difference is, my bandcamp is simply music. It is a look into my head through music. Soundcloud and bandcamp share the same purpose, but I wanted bandcamp to have a cleaner look, since it generally does. I also wanted different banners for different social media.


Syria Baishroud

This file is something I created on pc for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Skyrim is a favorite of mine, and once I switched over to playing it on pc, I wanted to mod. After downloading other’s great works, I wanted to give back to the community as well. I created a file that can be updated at anytime. I try to work on the file when I have some free time.

Along with this account, I manage a respective game twitter account, not entirely separate from my personal account. I primarily use this account to organize who I follow, and what types of games I follow into one spot.