I am Just a Geek with a lot of Hobbies. I was born and raised in Detroit, MI. I first saw daylight May 25, 1994 at Riverview Hospital. I was born the fourth of five children. Being born fourth did not halt me from finding my spark and standing out in it.

Just a Geek with a lot of Hobbies

I have been singing for as long anyone I know can remember, and I have been playing guitar since 2011. I acted in several plays and school screen projects, ranging from classics such as Little Orphan Annie, to original works.
Much of my work can be found online throughout my various social media links. I studied Advertising and Public Relations at Grand Valley State University. Aside from my music, I spend my time speaking, writing, playing video games and making myself an all around better person.
Also open to new ideas and criticisms on my music, I often share my music acoustically before I even publish it fully, in hopes of making it better for the listener.
I am a major Japanese culture enthusiast. I love the creativity of the culture, as well as a few of the aspects of the culture that I personally identify with. I am currently learning Japanese, and one day I hope to be fluent so that I can be a performer, actor, singer, and songwriter in two languages. I recently started learning Korean as well. Now I want to sing, act, dance and song write in three languages.



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