Legality Chronicles: California Dreaming

Hello all, I know this post is way over due. I just want to say that I’m sorry for taking so long to write. I’ve spent all of this time stressing about school and trying to graduate. To de-stress, I went to California.

Let’s back track a bit, so you know the full story. From August 2015 to July 2016, I studied in Japan. While there, I met Moe (see picture below). Moe and I instantly became friends, and we pretty much hung out all the time, when she wasn’t busy. Move forward a bit in time, study abroad ended, and I came back to America. During this time, I started my final year at GVSU.

Mante (left) and Moe (right) in Japan

Throughout the year, my stress levels had been building. By the time spring break came around, I was so stressed out, my room was a mess (I’m a neat freak). So Amber and I cleaned our apartment, and then set off for California. Did I mention Moe was from California, so that’s who we were going to see.

We went to Cali to enjoy our spring break, and get away from Michigan and school, and it was bliss. Here is where the legality chronicles come into play. Most of the time we spent in Cali was spent being couch potatoes. Everyone else likes to go and be active, but since I’m always active in Michigan, I figured it would be best to actually relax for once. Of course, we went out for food, sightseeing, and beach trips, but when Moe was in class, we sat around and enjoyed no responsibility for a whole week. Of course, being young college students means we had to go to at least one party right? We went to three.

I’m not much of an alcohol drinker. I’m small, and it basically just runs right through me. Also, I can’t stand the taste of alcohol unless it’s in a fruity drink. However, at this party, there were no fruity drinks, so I settled for lemonade and vodka…in a red solo cup….twice. Normally measure my drinks to have more juice than alcohol, but I poured these drinks in a dark environment, so there was no measuring. As I mentioned, I’m a lightweight, so I know when the alcohol is starting to affect me. I drank the one cup, and didn’t feel anything, so I figured another cup was a good idea. Halfway through my second cup it was time to move onto the next party, but I didn’t want to leave a half full cup, so I downed it.

While walking to the next party, the alcohol hit me really hard. Now, I’m pretty coherent while drunk, and can generally function fairly normally, but not this time. The alcohol hit me out of no where, and I had to grab onto Amber for support. We got to the second party, and I had to use the bathroom. I was completely able to function and walk normally until I went. After I came out, it was like all the water and other substances in my body left, leaving only the alcohol to run rampant. While there, I learned about a game called Gaucho, being held up by Amber the entire time. Some time passed with me trying to learn this game, and it was time to move onto the next party.

To my misfortune, I had to use the bathroom again. Goodbye final amount of resistance to the alcohol. I came out of the bathroom and immediately placed my body on the floor. I was down for the count. Amber kept trying to get me up, but I just wanted to sleep there. On the floor, in someone else’s house. A few minutes go by with Amber trying to get me up, and then I start puking up my guts. All the alcohol and, one sandwich, and honeybuns I previously ate along with it.

It becomes chaos. I’m out for the count. I know people are talking, I hear them, and I’m kind of responding, but I’m not actually functioning. Eventually we made it back to Moe’s apartment, after I puked out most of my guts. I spent several hours after that dry-heaving, my body attempting to get rid of any other trace of alcohol left. One last dry-heave, and Amber thinks it’s safe, moves the bag from near my face, and then boom. I puke. All over the pillow and covers I was laying on. This time, I’m out for the count. I sleep until about 10 a.m. the next day. Needless to say, I felt like a total wreck the next day.

Moral of the story, always measure your drinks if you’re a lightweight, and don’t be a stubborn drunk person. Also, eat a lot of food so that the alcohol can be absorbed and you reduce how drunk you actually are, if you even get drunk.

I am eternally grateful to Moe, her boyfriend, and Amber for dealing with drunk me. It’s not fun, especially when my body decides it’s time to get rid of the alcohol. From this, I’ve learned to always have food with me, or to just sip on that one cup throughout the night. If I have to leave it, it has to be left.



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