Study Abroad in Japan: 3 Month Mark

Hello fellow bloggers and readers

It has been quite a while since my last update. So much has happened, and yet I have only released short YouTube video’s only showcasing a fraction of my time. Not exactly fair huh?

Now, this is the part where I would throw in a shameless plug and say check my Facebook or my YouTube, but I’m not that guy. Instead, I’ll fill you in on my time in Japan the only way I know how…..With long opinionated passages about nothing. Hahaha…..I need a life…..let’s begin

The Sides

  1. October Halloween Party

October is the month of Halloween, and Halloween is the event of free candy…in the US. In Japan, it’s a bit different. Halloween is the event of sexy costumes, couples and….wait for it….alcohol, if you’re 20 and older. The Halloween party at Global was no different. There were sexy costumes….pause

…wait wait….I should clarify. By sexy, I mean good costumes, not slutty costumes. There are slutty costumes, and those can be sexy, but this is not my meaning in this post….Okay, let’s continue…

The global Halloween party was full of awesome (sexy) costumes, great food, music and people, making it one of the best parties of the year so far, partially hosted by yours truly. I also hung out a lot with my intensive b classmates, but that isn’t just contained to October, so I wont go on about that.

November Photos (39)

2. November Fall Break

Fall break is…fall break. Okay, on to December.

I’m just kidding.

That’s actually what most of this post is about anyways. I did not travel anywhere far from Tokyo, but I did have a lot of fun during my break. Okay, so let’s start with the very first thing I did during break.

  1. Nothing
  2. Games
  3. Hang with Friends
  4. Games
  5. Sleep
  6. Eat
  7. Games
  8. Go to the Gym
  9. Sleep
  10. Study
  11. Games

And…there you have it. The entirety of my fall break in eleven words. Okay…..Here we go

Nothing: This actually means that I wasted a lot of time because I had so much of it that I basically took it for granted. I stayed up  until “ungodly” hours of the night reading, or watching movies or playing….

November Photos (30)


Games: The majority of my break. Stop it. Don’t make that face after reading this. I am not a shut in. I do go outside….sometimes….fine. Yes, I did spend a large portion of my break playing video games with friends as well as alone…but mostly with friends.

Hang Out: I almost feel like I’m insulting your intelligence with this one….almost. During the break, although I didn’t travel anywhere, I did go places with friends, places such as Ueno Zoo and Ghibli Museum. (Ghibli kind of overlapped into December)

Gym: I decided that staying in shape, especially in a country where sweets are super super cheap, is necessary. Since then, I have been trying to make gains and sharpen up my dance and martial arts techniques.

Study: I tried….Seriously

So, that was my break in a nutshell. I wish I had more to write about at this moment, but classes just started so I cannot say anything yet. Until next time!



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