One Month In Japan

Hello fellow bloggers and readers,

I have recently hit my 1 month mark as a study abroad student. I am not usually the type to do weekly or monthly anniversary style things, but when everyday is literally an adventure of a different kind, it’s worth it.

In this one month alone, my confidence in speaking Japanese, as well as listening has improved. Does this mean I’m better? I don’t think so, but my roommates encourage me and support my poorly spoken words in an attempt to help me improve.

I’ve also become a choreographer of dance. Not really sure how that happened, but I’ll take it.

One month in Japan is just the beginning of this world of adventure. Do I miss America? Just a bit, but that was my reason for leaving. I am comfortable in the US. I can survive and live on my own. I want to be able to do that in Japan as well.

To commemorate this, I will be posting a one month vlog in early October.



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