Study Abroad in Japan: Two Week Mark

Hello fellow bloggers and readers,

I have some awesome news for you! I am officially leaving Japan after two weeks! Time to sob until I fade off the planet. Excuse me. (Sobs heavily!)

I’m just joking. I’ve done nothing to get sent back to the US….except be awesome…..No? I-I shouldn’t have…okay. I’m sorry. I’ll leave now.I have been in Japan a little over two weeks now, and I can honestly say that my Japanese speaking, listening and general comprehension has improved twice as much as it ever did during the three years that I studied in the US. No shade though. Those three years has made it easier to learn and adapt to Japanese language and culture. I am glad that I have previous experience studying Japanese.

I have met a lot of Half Japanese people as well. Some part of me is envious of their ability to speak and comprehend, but I’m not envious to the point of disgust. It’s more like admiration. I think it’s cool that if they were just tossed in Japan, they could survive relatively well without formal training. I am also proud of my heritage, just to throw that in there….uh….yeah. Anyways…

During my two weeks here, I’ve learned how to properly throw away trash in Japan, use a Japanese washer and dryer, order food from a restaurant and can have a semi decent conversation with my roommates…mostly in fragmented Japanese, but still comprehensible. My goal by the end of the Autumn term at ICU is to be able to have a full Japanese conversation with my roommates and other Japanese people within the Global House dorm.

Speaking of Global House….It’s absolutely awesome. Out of all of the dorms on the ICU campus, this dorm has the most awesome people that enjoy having fun and learning. I could not ask for better dorm-mates. Not to mention the public bath. If you have any previous knowledge about Japan, there are a lot of public baths. Not like the ones you see in manga where there are a ton of old people and such, but there is one in GH. It’s probably one of my favorite places to go. There is just something special about sitting naked with a bunch of other guys, talking about literally anything and not having to worry about body image. If there is one thing about Japan that is not in the US, it’s definitely self confidence while nude. Many of the other students from other countries, at least the females I’ve talked to, have stated that it’s a bit awkward and that they couldn’t do it, but I think they’ll be able to by the end of the year.

Now, don’t take this post the wrong way. I’m not super excited about it, because some small part of me believes that I should be better at this, or at least know better vocabulary, but I’m not upset about review and being taught from basically the beginning. It just means that my foundation of Japanese will be so strong that it’ll feel like a native language. To add to this, every place has things a person will disagree with. I have a ton of them, but those are mostly for my vlog. There is no point in bashing Japan in a blog, when I can make funny faces while doing it. Hahaha. I joke I joke I kid I kid…maybe.

Anyways, that is all for now. I hope you enjoyed this post and keep on reading my future updates.

DSCN0217Ramen with some dorm-mates

DSCN0151Going to create our bank accounts….that photobomb though.

DSCN0150One of the places I do my gami….er….studying


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