A Japanese Week (日本の週末)

Hello fellow bloggers and readers,

If you have been keeping up with the few blog post I recently put up, I am in Japan. I have been in Japan for a little over a week now. Now I will give you a list of everything that has occurred and then go into detail about it.

  1. I moved in to ICU, took a JLPT, bought my books, sat in a bank office and attempted to create a bank account, had a welcome party, got buzzed, danced and talked to my roommates, decided on a theme for our initiation week and went out to buy outfits for our theme, ate sushi and watched a eating contest between two dorm mates.

Now that the bullet points are out of the way….time to go to bed. Kay, bye.

I’m just joking. I wouldn’t just leave like that. I would put a picture up first…so here ya go. DSCN0137

This is the official flag of Global House at ICU. Officially the best dorm on campus. I literally have no curfew and the people here have a sense of humor. Ignore the timestamp on the picture. It’s set to the US time.


This is my room….in all of it’s emptiness. I like Global House (GH) more than Kistler in terms of space though. I get my own room, with cool roommates and a comfortable atmosphere.


This is my wonderful desk. This is where I’ll be spending all of my time studying for my Intensive Japanese Class.


These are my wonderful roommates. I love spending time talking with them and dancing with them.

Needless to say, I am having a wonderful time here in Japan and can’t wait to have more. I also have a lot of complaints…just little things, but that’ll be for the end of the month vlog,


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