Study Abroad (留学): Excited yet?

Hello fellow bloggers and readers. How are you? I would like to inform you that I am leaving for Tokyo, Japan tomorrow.

Many of my family and friends have asked me if I’m nervous….and honestly….I’m not. It may be due to my two year planning, but I honestly don’t feel excited…not yet.

I do believe that once I am on the plane that I will be excited and probably cry, but until then I’m sure that I will be very nonchalant about this entire process.

It may be that everyone else is excited for me, so my excitement may be dispersed among other people now. Hahahaha. That’s why I’m so calm. Other people are excited for me.

Let it be known that I am excited for Japan, but my personality does not allow me to be excited immediately. I cannot be excited until I am actually experiencing the event.


Be prepared for all the blog post once I am in Japan!!!!!

Mante M. Baldwin


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