Legality Chronicles: Trashed

Hello fellow bloggers and readers,

I cannot apologize enough for how much I’ve been away from a social life since school has ended.

This post is a follow up of my Legality Chronicles.

So, remember when I said that I wanted to get trashed?….Yeah. That happened. I got trashed about a week ago (week ago, week ago)

Sorry. I couldn’t help it. Anyways, I got trashed, and I do not enjoy it. I do not understand why people enjoy getting wasted so much. I have never felt worse in my life.

For you heavy drinkers, let me explain.  If you did not read the original Legality Chronicles, then you will have missed the part where I stated that I am not a drinker. At all. I am merely a little person with a lot of curiosity. As my mother would say “Don’t knock it til you try it”. I’ve tried it. I’m knocking it down a cliff.

I have insanely low tolerance. Before you start raving. No. I am not interested in building it….so, due to my low tolerance (2 car bombs, 2.5 mikes hard, 2 shots of cream and whiskey) I was pretty much swaying left and right every second I was standing. When I get drunk, I cannot stand up straight and everything is funny. I’m also completely filter-less.

I usually have a low filter, but when drunk it’s all gone. For anyone that I’m proud of, I parade them around and brag about/compliment them. It can be embarrassing. Either way, I don’t like being drunk.

Fun fact: I only drink with friends. I have never taken a drink of alcohol without a friend(legal of course) present to take a drink with me. For me drinking is as much of a social thing as gaming or going to social events, and for those who know me, I am a social butterf-…uh….being. Haha.


Who needs shirts when you can laugh and have fun?


The Line up for that night


I can say Mike’s Hard is my favorite drink, although Kenny keeps trying to screw me over with his love for raw alcohol. I don’t like Mike’s Harder

Mante M. Baldwin


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