Legality Chronicles

Hello all, I apologize for not posting recently. There have been a few things to occur. I’ll list them now….

1. I got a job
2. I recently started a new manga series
3. I bought a longboard….and fell off….
4. I started modding Skyrim for pc

So, as you can see, I’ve been pretty preoccupied with other things. Plus school ended in April, and that is basis for me to be completely lazy and fade from social media.

Okay, on to the point of this post….I recently turned 21 years old. (Pause for applause)
Many of you may think that I took advantage of being a college student and did nothing but drink, but I’ll have you know I am not a drinker.

I may not be a drinker, but that does not sate my curiosity. Now that I am able to legally take a drink of an alcoholic beverage, I want to try some.

Well, try some is an understatement. I actually want to be completely trashed, at least once. Since my birthday, I have yet to take enough drinks to be drunk. Primarily because I have to be to work at the crack of dawn everyday, but the other reason being I don’t really like the idea.

I may not like the idea, but I am not the type of person to dislike something without experiencing it. Example? I recently tried red wine and white wine. I do not like red wine. I don’t like white either, but I prefer white over read any day.

The very first alcoholic drink I took for my birthday was actually lemonade and 1800, compliments of my buddy Kenny. He didn’t like that my drink was mostly juice, but I cannot stand the smell of 1800, my acute sense of smell doesn’t let me.

Anyways, it was an experience. I now know that lemonade and 1800 is a combo I don’t want to entertain anymore.

My next hurdle, actually drinking enough to get drunk.

Kenny and I on the morning of my birthday


The weekend after my birthday



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