Stress Management: My Methodology

Hello fellow bloggers and readers, Today’s post is a little on the serious side.

As a college student, I know first hand the effects of stress on a person’s daily life. When a person is stressed they lose sleep, care less and pretty much take all of their anger and frustration out on the people closest to them.

If you’d like to be that person that destroys all of your friendships when things get hard, stop reading now. Go on with your life and pretend you never saw this.

For those of you looking for MY opinion on this, thank you. I am not an expert, but I do have three years of university level stress to give me an edge. Firstly, stress needs to be defined.

Stress is defined by as the “importance attached upon a thing”. Seems simple enough. We see midterms, finals and other things in our lives as important right? Especially bills. We stress bills a lot. We also stress work a lot too. It is important to do a good job, maybe make some extra money if the place allows tips and keep the customer and by extention, the boss happy. 

Then we go home, complain about our day and do it all over again. Hmmm….it seems to me that we are causing the stress ourselves.

By sticking to the same routine everyday, we not only get bored, we get exhausted before we’ve even done anything. We are now stressed about work and we havent even gone it yet.

Let’s try to alter that process. Here are some ways I manage stress. Jobs are repetitive, that is the cold hard truth. Life is repetitive. We are at a stage in society where we complain about not having an exciting life, but do nothing about it.

Tsk. Tsk. Time to stop that. If you want your life to be exciting, look at everything you do as an adventure. Even if it’s something negative.
“Going to jail? Well, I wonder if the food menu has changed.”
I’ve never been to jail….just fyi. The point remains. Treating everything you do as an adventure makes life more interesting…and probably funny.

Another thing you could do is relax. When you are stressed about something, chances are its working you up and making you restless. Not good. You can’t sleep, eat or even breathe at times….we like you alive. I know I say relax, but ita harder than it sounds. You have to be able to let go of things and pretend they dont exist for a while. Some imaginations dont work like that….but its still worth a shot.

Finally distract yourself. I dont think I need to go into detail about this…you know…I would hope…what distracts you.

These are methods I use that may or may not work for you. Try them out.



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