Persistence vs. Success : A Generational, Philosophical Shift

What does a person value more in life, the opinion of others on their happiness, or their own personal experience?

The Words of Wandering Sages

What is the most important facet of life to you?  It is success, or is it simply the ability to persist?

The overwhelming majority of people in the ‘first’ world will immediately respond with, “success.”  Maybe this is justified.  In the über-capitalist, consumer-driven society we are raised in, success and net worth are the only things a person is judged by in the latter stages of life.

After debating with many of my closest friends about this exact topic over the past few years, I have come to a few conclusions about the nature of the discussion and, ultimately, how our current generation feels about it.

As far as the past few generations are concerned, success is the only thing that mattered.  Going to college was a clear mark of a successful person and meant you were destined to receive a good job with good pay.  This generally meant you…

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