New Shift, Old Life

Hey. You. Yeah, you. When was the last time you saw a post from this blog?

I know I know. It’s been ages, but I have some cool, and some not so cool updates for you.

First, I no longer work third shift at all. WHOO! JUMP FOR JOY!!! Hahahaha. I can’t tell you enough how great it feels to be able to sleep, wake up early and do homework. My grades should dramatically improve….hopefully. Maybe I’m just a bad student?  Food for thought?


Food for your thoughts

Second, I am currently job searching. Hey, stop that. I know what your thinking. I have a right to be picky. Chances are, I’ll end up staying at the next job for a while, so I’d like one I like. I currently work as a tutor at my university, but I dont tutor enough in one week to make much, so I need some extra funds. I could become a stripper….nah, not hot enough. What about a…no no no. Wouldn’t work.
Oh! Sorry. Got side tracked. Anyways, this one isn’t really cool. I’m losing funds due to the lack of another job, but I am having a blast being awake during the day.


Here is proof.

Third, I am able to make music again. I have so many new song ideas that I had to postpone my covers album, just to create singles. (Maybe a new album) I am so stoked. This means I can also rank up in belt level at Taekwondo! I am currently the only green belt in my club, when I go up, I’ll be the only green-blue stripe. I like being in a category of my own. Its so cool. It pressures me to be good at my forms, kicks and everything else. Sadly, I dont have a picture for you…yet.

Next, I get to actually work on my study abroad essays and scholarships. My goal is to go next year, even if I have to hide in someone elses’ suitcase. Okay….not really, but I do plan to go next year. If not for the full year, for the winter semester.


And then I will create the ninja club. Lol

I have so much more to say, but I like to leave you guessing what it is. Time to go enjoy being awake. (That means studying)


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