Third Shift, No Life

First off, my last post seems like it was ages ago……I apologize… But there is a good reason.

Per the title, I have picked up a third shift job….going into my fourth, or fifth week now.

Along side this job, I am a full time student at Grand Valley State University. That usually means 12-15 credits…..I have 15 credits.  

I go to school 15 hours a week, and work 40. Seems like a fun life right? Want to join me?


I also wrote in the title, No Life. This isnt completely untrue. (>:D) My Social Life has definitely felt the aftereffects of this. My best friend and Japanese buddy, Teall Foster blatantly tells me this all the time. 

All in all. I’m currently trying to organize my life. One step at a time.


Thanks Teall. Always reminding me about time management with her. Lol.


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