Same Campaign, New Game

So, I have started up another fundraiser campaign for Japan. It is titled “Same Campaign, New Game” (<- Click here to go to the link)

This campaign is essentially the same as the last one I started, except the price has gone down a bit. I now realize that my last goal was really unreasonable…..$21,300…..Right? Pretty pricey……so I have done you the favor of taking that price down to a mere….$20,000.

What’s that? It’s still too high? You try traveling to Japan, living for a year and going to college there. If you already have, then you know how pricey it can be.

I admit, studying at ICU is a bit pricey compared to some other places, but ICU has everything I need…a central location like Tokyo, multiple mix of people from everywhere….do you see my point? There are other places I could go, but my heart is set here. Ever have your heart set, and mind made?



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