I cannot Swim (泳げない)

Okay, so here is the news. Per the title of this post, I cannot swim. Let me be specific. I cannot stay above the water. I literally sink the minute I get in a pool. Terrible right?

That’s not the half of it. On the 3rd of August, myself, Brandon Nguyen and Michael Gayman traveled to Traverse City to see close friend and fellow GV TKD member, Hannah Lynch. To my surprise, Hannah has a house by the lake, or more so, her family. Beautiful house, gorgeous view. What more could you ask for?

How about a boat, jet ski’s and being able to swim whenever you want? While we were there, we went out on the lake. Now, originally I was against going on the water, let alone in it. My first mistake was agreeing to get on the water. My second was getting wet on the jet ski. It was my first time riding, and man was it fun. But beside that point, my legs got soaked. Since my legs were soaked, I figured why not get in the water and practice swimming, with a life jacket of course.

Now, I was practicing and Michael, a navy reserve, starts giving me lessons on how to swim. After some time of me screwing up repeatedly, he jumps in the water to help personally. His first recommendation was to take the life jacket off.
That jacket stayed on, for the rest of the duration I was in the water the first time. After a while it became hard to breathe, so I got out. Caught my breath, warmed up a bit and then got back on the jet ski. After that Michael and Hannah got on the jet ski, leaving me and Brandon to do weird stuff on the boat. (Get your mind out the gutter)
After some time, Brandon finds a wake board and goes in the water with it. He told me that it would help me. All I have to do it lay on it and practice my strokes. Mistake three.

I agreed to try it and got on the board without a life jacket. My mistake was sitting on the board. It tipped right over and I fell under the surface. I quickly made my way back to the surface, but fell under again. Luckily for me, Brandon was there to save the day. He pulled me up and helped me get to the board, that I used to keep my head and arms above the water. I apologized for pushing him under in a panic and caught my breath.

What’s that? Why didn’t I get out the water? Well, I figured I could stay in and just hold onto the board. Brandon showed me where my hands should go, so I tried it. Tipped over again. Right back into the water. Brandon to the rescue again. Crazy right. Almost drowned twice, within five minutes of each other.

Needless to say, I did not get back in the water that day.

So, after that we went to Hooters, a Laser Maze and had a campfire. Oh, and a park. You know, have to sedate the kid in me.

My synopsis of sunday? It was a fun day. Who would have ever thought that almost drowning could be fun. No, I’m not crazy….okay, I am a little. However; my friends made it fun.


Me and our waitress Kimmy at Hooters.


Attempting to swim……yeah


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