Studying Japanese (日本語の勉強)

As many of you may have picked up from my many post about it, I am currently studying Japanese as a second language.

I recently posted on facebook information about a drama I just finished. There were, of course mistakes, but that’s not what this post is about.

I have a Japanese friend studying in Miami, Florida. His name is 岡田凌. Great guy, hilarious. He often corrects my Japanese and during his most recent correction, he told me not to use なの in speaking and writing.

Using なの, more or less makes me sound effemenent, or homosexual. This made me laugh so hard…..oh….my….gut. Anyways, I dont really know why it made me laugh, it just did.

Im sure if I had used it in a conversation, someome one would have asked me whether I was LGBTQ or not. (I’m not, if you’re wondering)

That moment would have gone down as the single funniest thing that could have happened to me. Glad he caught it.

Moral of the story, be sure to know what words or suffixes are meant for which gender a/o sex.

This is the post. If you cannot read Japanese, the English translation is.underneath.


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