Do You Like To Talk Publicly?

I really enjoy reading these post. It always amazes me to see another student overcome typical problems that people have. Why does the world fear public speaking more than death? What is it about other people’s gaze that makes us close off the world?


Normally, when the teacher announces that presentations will need to be given, a collective groan rolls around the classroom like a mexican wave but would it be odd to say that I tend to secretly look forward to them?

No, I am not an accomplished public speaker who charges a couple thousand pounds for a thirty minute speech but I simply look forward to the challenge of talking in front of people and presenting information in a clear way. The funny thing is, I would not describe myself as an extrovert and have been described as ‘the quiet one.’ So is my secret ‘passion’ for public speaking weird?

When I had to talk for a few minutes at the local museum about a documentary our youth group had made, I was excited as well as nervous. The funny thing with presentations though is that the advice given most often is…

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