Summer Break

School, for me, ended a while ago, and so did my activity on this blog, seemingly. What is this phenomenon that strikes us when summer comes? For many, once the summer hits (spring as well), we lose all contact with the world, even through social media. It’s not like we dislike people, we just vanish.

Ever had this feeling? Yeah, me too.

Every year I notice that I barely use social media during the summer. I barely text people. Heck, I barely talk to my family. It’s like the people in my life only exist during the academic season. Kind of bad isn’t it? Even though I notice, it’s like a habitual habit to constantly keep doing it. I remind myself everyday with an inner dialogue that goes something like this “Hey. Your phone still works. Why aren’t you using it?” This helps a bit, but it doesn’t really do anything if I don’t fix the problem. So, what are my solutions. I’ll list them.

1: Good Morning: Saying hello to someone through either phone call or text is a good way to change a person’s opinion of you. It’s also a way to move you up on their list of favorite people.

2: What’re you doing? (wyd): Inquiring about someone’s day shows that you are interested in them as a person and not just what benefit they can give you. Try it sometime, you’ll be surprised the difference listening can make in a conversation/text/call.

3: Humor: Everyone will find at least one thing you say funny. The more a person likes you, the funnier you are to them. The two tips listed above help with this. Knowing how to be an open person and have a sense of humor is a good way to keep the text going.

4: Smile: Ever text a person, and you get something that looks like this -> 😀 (colon and a capital d) They are smiling. Smiling is a contagious things, kind of like yawns. The only difference is, people prefer smiling to yawning. When you smile at someone, typically is shows that you are willing to be friendly and open up to them. (There are exceptions) So, try to smile as much as you can. You will also find that it makes your day better.

These are just a few tips to help with the summer break phenomenon that occurs with me, and maybe other people as well. 😀


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